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Tots 100 Film Club – Looney Tunes Big Faces Box Set

Following the success of last months Bugs Bunny Review, this month I chose to review a Box
Set of Looney Tunes favourites. As I have an Upcoming 10 hour flight to Seattle with 3 kids, I thought this would be perfect for keeping them amused.
What a fabulous box set this is. It contains 10 DVDs featuring Looney Tunes favourites such as Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Porky Pig,Road Runner and Taz. Each DVD focuses on one character and features at least 10 episodes. The Tom and Jerry one kept them going for 2 hours in the car.
The episodes include all the old classics that we remember as kids, in fact the Porky Pig DVD begins with black and white episodes. It’s been great watching all the old Tom and Jerry classics.
My 3 year old loves the road runner and kept commenting on the fact that Wile e coyote kept getting hurt.
They have watched Tom and Jerry before but on the whole the Looney toons concept was new

Mummy why aren’t they talking?

I can highly recommend this DVD great value for money and it will definitely be accompanying us on our plane journey.