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A Step by Step Guide to Making Ice Ornaments

It isn’t often we get a cold spell long enough to make ice ornaments, but with freezing temperatures set to last, we made a few batches to hang on our bushes. They look really beautiful, but also provide lots of opportunity to learn about ice, freezing and melting. A few years ago we made some and shared our learning story, as we watched them melt and freeze.

How to Make an Ice Ornament

You will need

  • Baking trays
  • Ribbon or string
  • Food colouring (optional)

Step 1.

valentine ice ornaments

Choose a baking /cup cake tray and fill each hole with cold water.

Step 2

Add a drop of food colouring – mix or leave to mix itself which can leave a marbled effect.

Step 3

ice ornaments

Snip pieces of ribbon or string and submerge one end in the water, making sure the other end is free. You could loop the string but I prefer to leave it as it makes it easier to tie to larger branches. I usually do this part outside to avoid spilling when you move them to freeze.

Step 4

Leave outside overnight to freeze (or put the tray in your freezer).

Step 5

ice ornaments

Hang on a bush or tree. If there is snow on the ground the food colouring will drip onto the snow as they melt. If there are prolonged freezing temperatures the ornaments will melt slightly and form icicles as they re-freeze.

I wasn’t sure how easily the hearts come out of the tins but they came out without any trouble. If they need a little help, bring them inside for a few minutes or run some warm water on the base of the tin. Alternatively, you could use a silicone mould.

The second batch also included owls and bears. We made half of the owls clear, to see how they would look without colour, but kept the colour in the bears, because my daughter thought they would look like gummy bears.

Snow Day: Ideas for Playing in the Snow

snow day

A snow day is always a treat but after a few days off school, enthusiasm wanes. Try some of these snow day play activities to keep your kids entertained.


Sledging is always great fun, it was always my favourite snow activity as a kid. You could shake it up a bit with some Winter Olympic themed bobsledding. Lie on your front while being pushed  down the hill shouting oy, oy, oy.  You could race one another too.


See if you can roll a really big ball to make a body.  Sometimes kids find this difficult but if you I start it off  and everyone joins in to help, it is lots of fun.

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Make a baby snowman and pull  it along on a sledge.
baby snowman on sledge

Add accessories such as buttons, hats and scarves or Mr Potato Head features.

mother and baby snowman

Even without much snow you can make miniature snowmen and add an origami hat.

tiny snowman perched on the fence


Snow Painting

Fill glitter sprinklers or herb containers with powder paint.  Little ones enjoy sprinkling it around while older children draw pictures in the snow. You could use fingers or sticks to draw and colour them in.

Make a snow angel and colour it with paint.

coloured snow angel

Paint a snow sculpture

Build a snow sculpture and add colour with block water colours painted on with brushes.  You could also paint pictures on the snow.


Winter Olympic Fun

It can be great fun to stage events from the Winter Olympics. Ice hockey, curling, skating and skiing are fun events to try even without snow but with snow on the ground they are even more fun.



Play with Ice

Visit a frozen pond, make pictures with ice, Go on an icy treasure hunt, make ice ornaments or investigate the properties of ice.

Make targets and throw snowballs at them

Targets could be drawn in the snow, on a fence or a tree or throw snowballs into a tub or box.

It would be preferable if the target wasn’t your mother!



Other Snow Fun

Lie in the snow and feel it fall on your face.

lying in the snow

Use the snow for imaginative play

snow on feet
I’ll make you some ice skates

Catch the snow on your tongue

catching snow

Shake snow from the trees