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What Exactly is a Field Day?

Field dayToday was Field Day at my daughter’s school. In the usual fashion, we had a letter that said we could come along or volunteer if we wanted but no explanation as to exactly what a Field Day is.

I asked a friend in the playground.

So what exactly is a Field Day? Is it the same as a Sports Day?

No not really, they set up lots of activities around the school grounds and the children can join in with what they want to. Some are sports but others are fun games and things.

Slightly better informed I decided to give it a go.

So What is a Field Day?

A number of physical activities are set up around the school grounds with an adult manning each one.

The children have a checklist that they hang around their neck. They move around the various activities and when they complete them (successfully of not) they have the activity crossed off their checklist. Once they have completed 10 they can get a popsicle (ice lolly). If you complete all the activities your name is added to ‘the ball of fame’.

What Sort of Activities?

Their favourite activity was playing catch with water bombs.

The girls had fun and it was nice to have something that the little ones could be involved in so they weren’t left standing around watching. Somehow though, I felt it lacked the atmosphere of a traditional sports day with races and cheering crowds. Where were the prizes for the child who completed the obstacle course in the shortest time, or a little prize if you knocked all the cans down? It somehow felt a little flat without any competitive edge.  It was a cross between a Summer Fete, a P.E lesson and a traditional sports day – I’m not really sure I understand the point of it but the girls enjoyed it. It’s probably just a little structured to be my idea of fun.