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How to Be a Playful Family

As a finalist in America’s Most Playful Family contest our task was to create a 90 second video showing tips that will help families become more playful. With so much to say about what we do and why play is important to us, this was a real challenge but here is the finished product.

For further detail about the activities and ideas featured in the video, follow the links below:-
Play Don’t Throw Away

Mud Kitchens –Why Playing in the Mud is Good for You

Music Garden – How to Build a Music Garden

Heuristic Play – Now Playing

Loose parts – When they Would Rather Play with Sticks and Stones

Playing With Household Objects

Water painting – Painting with Water

Playing Without Toys – Do Children Need Toys?

Outdoor Events – How to Stage a Garden Olympics    How to Stage a Winter Olympics

Playing in nature

Snow Day


Frost and Ice

Connecting with Nature

 Woodland activities

In the Rain

In the Dark

When Life is Busy

Literacy Games in the Car

Passing Down Traditions
Playground Games

 Party Games