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Outdoor Play: Catching Butterflies

ElefunThis morning we were playing a game of Elefun, the game where fabric butterflies are blown from an elephant’s trunk for the children to catch in nets.

 I know, let’s go and catch butterflies outside.

My 4-year -old quickly ran outside to look around the garden for butterflies. I explained that we needed to be quiet and still if we were to find any butterflies.  Butterflies are attracted to red, yellow, pink and purple so we looked for flowers in these colours and waited.

I might find a butterfly, they like red and yellow so they might land in my net.

If we are very quiet we might catch a butterfly.
If we are very quiet we might catch a butterfly.

The hunt for butterflies was not very successful so they started to look for other creatures instead.

They found a woodlouse (or roly-poly as the kids here call them) and lots of bees but no butterflies.

I know let’s make some butterflies out of paper.

I cut out some paper butterflies. The girls wanted to decorate them with stickers but I could only find white ones.

I know let’s draw patterns on the white ones.  Now you hide them and we can find them and catch them in our nets.