Published Articles

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My articles include
Let the Children Play

Dads Don’t Do Housework

Using Storytelling to Conquer Children’s Fears

The Challenges of Modern Parenting

Can Technology Engage and Improve Children’s Learning

Explaining Difficult Events to Children on the Anniversary of 9/11


Turning Trash into Art

Hamilton Karaoke is Here

March is for Mud Play

Messy Hair and No Make-up? The one Reason Mothers Should Stay in Front of the Camera.

Home Alone with Young Kids all Day: Strategies for Success

Help your kids go for the gold this summer with a neighborhood Olympics they can help plan

The Dirt on Mud Play

The 101 on KOA Campsites, Your New Favourite Camping Experience

What’s Really Important for Early Literacy

Buy Nothing for the Holidays

Now Playing

When Happy Mother’s Day Doesn’t Quite Fit

Staging a Backyard Winter Olympics for Kids

Global Education: Preschool in the US and the UK

On the Road: Learning to Read in the Car

10 Ideas for Playing Outside in the Dark

Why I chose to home preschool

20 outdoor things to do before you are 5

Other Published Work

Exchange Magazine – The Key Person Approach to Building Parent-Relationships

Why Schools Need to Embrace Pretend Play

4 Ways to Help Children Fall in Love with Writing

10 Play Activities to Occupy your Kids before the Container Arrives

How to Help Children with Disabilities Transition to a New Country

Playground Games from Our Childhood – Netmums UK

There’s More to Me than Being a Mum – Netmums UK

Hungry Caterpillar Juice

The Unlikely Candidate – Losing your Mother to Heart Disease

Learning to Read – Get them Talking First

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