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Winter Themed Pre-School Songs

Winter is a popular theme at this time of the year. There are many things to discover as we explore the weather, temperature, animals, clothing, melting and freezing and many more. Below are a few I have used and adapted for a winter study.

Warm clothes in Winter Time

This one is also useful for a clothes study. It talks about putting on different clothes that we wear in the winter. You can use it to teach body parts, names of clothes, materials that clothes are made of and pairing gloves, shoes and socks.

There’s a Snowflake on my Nose

This song also teaches body parts . You can have the children make a snowflake or give them a picture of a snowflake and they have to put it on the correct body part. For mine I added double sided sticky tape to help it stay. For added fun you could add a picture of a snowflake to a bean bag and have them balance that on different body parts.

It is Snowing

An action song about all of the things you might like to do in the snow. This is a good introduction to different activities you can do in snow. You could also use it as a springboard to create a graph of the children’s favourite activities to do in the snow. Create a grid with 4-6 activities and give each child a snowflake to stick on their favourite one.

Five Little Snowmen

This one is my favourite counting song for a Winter study. As the sun comes out the Snowmen melt and you subtract one. You can do this song with the children playing the snowmen and as the they melt they have to sit down. In this version I have used visuals from Lessonpix.

Bear is Sleeping

This song is about animals that hibernate and animals that migrate. You can insert any animal into the song, I chose a few more unusual ones that the children may not have heard about.

Hot and Cold Song

In this song we learn about things that are hot and things that are cold. Visuals come from Lessonpix.


I hope you find my selection of Winter themed songs useful. Let me know if you need any other songs specific to another aspect of winter learning.