Problem solving in Preschool Using Songs and Puppets

Problem solving in preschool is particularly challenging to teach in the virtual classroom. I have been using puppets and songs, to help teach problem solving concepts. The videos are recorded for my class, so they can watch multiple times. The children love the puppets and find these songs especially engaging. Though it doesn’t replicate being able to practice problem solving skills in the classroom, it is a tool to help support social and emotional learning in a non- traditional classroom.

This is an adapted version of the song ‘Oh dear what can the Matter Be?’ In it the puppets are sad and talk about their problem, and then we try to come up with solutions.

We have also talked in class about problem solving, using the puppets as a model. I have taught about taking deep breaths and finding a quiet space as a way to calm down. Sometimes, children in our class encounter problems, even in the virtual environment. If we see a child is upset or frustrated we often notice saying, ‘I see ….. is sad, if you have a problem you can tell us’. In some ways, I feel in the virtual environment, we need to be even more intentional about teaching these things than we would in person.

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