Brightening the Neighbourhood with Homemade Chalk Paint

At the start of the lockdown, the girls and I took out our pavement chalks and drew encouraging messages and bright pictures to cheer up our neighbours. We received a lot of great feedback.

This time we decided to try something new and make our own chalk paint.


  1. Cornflour/cornstarch
  2. Water
  3. Food colouring

Use equal amounts of cornflour to water and add coloring as desired.

We mixed ours in a box that we had peaches in, it made a perfect pallet.

sidewalk chalk paint

The colours look brighter in the pallet and are more pastel when they are on the ground and dry. To make strong colours, like red, use a lot of food colouring. Mixing just the right shade was a really fun experiment. We even tried to mix a black.

We love how vibrant the colours are. The chalk paint didn’t wash away in a recent rain shower. It will fade over time but remains longer than typical chalk paint. Perfect for encouraging messages.

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