The March of the Vegetables in Duvall

This weekend we were invited to the March of the Vegetables, a community event in Duvall to support Snoqualmie Valley farmers.


The event began with a parade for vegetables. My family found the idea of dressing as a vegetable suitably hilarious and loved the comment on the website – What if I don’t want to be a vegetable?  Local artists have been working with the community over the past few weeks, to create costumes and props – some were really imaginative and some simple, such as a man covered in branches to look like a tree.


A kind lady handed us some beetroot seeds. I love beetroot so will look forward to planting them.


The parade made it’s way to Depot Park where local farmers and artists had stalls.  There was live music and a fire pit to keep warm, beer, wine and hot apple cider and lots of smiling faces.


The kids made their own entertainment by rolling down the bank which quickly got muddy.  I observed two boys lying face down in the mud, smearing it over their faces.


My daughter enjoyed making a hat and puppets with a local artist and the little ones made a puppet theatre to put them in, when they got home.


I love these little community events as we all need an excuse to get out and celebrate during rainy March.  We’ll definitely head back next year.

 Photographs by Michael McClary

8 thoughts on “The March of the Vegetables in Duvall”

  1. What a delightful community event. Beer, wine and apple cider, I’d be in my element as would Farmer Nick. I’m with you all the way on beetroot, the rest of my family hate it but I love it. I hope your seeds thrive, the puppets are a great idea and clearly inspired the children with a follow on theater at home.

    Thank you for sharing a lovely community day on #CountryKids


  2. Live music, arts and crafts, an open fire and a good cause (not to mention a sneaky beer or two)… I adore community events like this. Thanks for sharing this on #CountryKids


  3. This looks like a brilliant event. Love community events like this. Rolling down a bank is always fun and I love the fact that two boys were happily smearing it all over their faces – pure childhood fun (although I suspect their parents may have been less happy about it!) #countrykids


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