Mud,Mud, Glorious Mud: Why you Should Embrace Mud Play.


I’ve never been able to avoid playing in dirt with my kids, nor have I ever wanted to. From the youngest age the girls would pick up small stones from the ground or carry sticks.  I would walk the dogs at the local park and my daughter would gravitate towards a dirt patch and spend the whole time absorbed with the dusty dry mud. At other times, she would stop at every mole hill in the meadow, exploring it with her fingers.


As for muddy puddles – regardless of footwear they are just too tempting to resist.



I was very lucky to find a preschool for my youngest that embraces mud play.


The swamp


playing in mud
The mud patch – building rivers and streams


If you can’t enjoy getting dirty when you are a child then when can you?


international mud day
I want it to have hair like mine.
dr mazes farm
digging for worms

footprints in mudWP_000447mud kitchens

Mud play isn’t just fun, it is also great for children’s health and development. Check out my article in Parentmap to find out more.

11 thoughts on “Mud,Mud, Glorious Mud: Why you Should Embrace Mud Play.”

  1. Three cheers for muddy play! Such wonderful photos of pure delight and natural childhood play. I love the fairy tutu and bare feet in the mud, this is such a classic girl look. Every child should be allowed to do this.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


  2. I’m in complete agreement with everything here!! I’ve 2 posts to come out soon, that are talking about the same ideas and why our children need mud, and the outdoors so much! #countrykidsfun


  3. My youngest two absolutely LOVE playing in mud and puddles! My little one came out of his forest kindergarten yesterday covered in muck from head to toes, and the biggest smile on his face. I couldn’t touch him without getting dirty myself, and I ended up stripping him in the car before putting him on his seat!


  4. Love all the photos of your children enjoying playing in the mud. Can’t beat a bit of muddy play – and muddy puddles are always great fun too 🙂 #countrykids


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