Simple Pleasures

I believe that sometimes we try too hard to arrange things for our kids to do and it is important to let them be.  There are however, some things that I feel we should introduce our children to. The simple pleasures that we had as kids, are sometimes forgotten and lost. If we are going to teach our children anything, lets preserve simple pleasures like these.

Pooh Sticks
Learning to play hopscotch
Chalking with a stone
Flying a kite
Blowing a dandelion clock


Blowing bubbles


WP_20130718_004 (2)
Planting seeds


Making a rainbow
WP_20140320_001 (2)
Making a daisy chain
Burying yourself in sand.


Making a paper aeroplane


What are your simple pleasures?

4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. All lovely forgotten pleasures, I must say I try to include things like this in our activity hour here on the farm. Old favourites are still popular when revisited with fresh eyes, though making daisy chains I find so hard as an adult, yet as a child it was easy, I’m sure the stems grow thinner now! Thank you for sharing some classic play with me on #CountryKids


  2. I grew up not too far from the ocean and it has always been my happy, peaceful place. We took our twins to Ocean Shores last year and they loved it and now I’m making plans to take the girls on trips near the beach this summer. I love the photo of the mermaid buried in the sand!


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