You’re My Kind of Mum Friend Because…..

A few weeks ago I went for a walk to the park with my  daughter. She likes to climb to the top of the climbing frame and play pirates. The game involves roaming the edges of the park for interesting treasures and on this day, she discovered big rocks.  She proceeded to pick them up and roll them down the bank, watching them crash at the bottom. The only other child at the park was a little younger than my daughter and after observing her for a while, she found her own rock.  She used all of her efforts to lift the rock and proudly show it to her mum. At which point, she was greeted  with a look of horror and her mum quickly took the rock away and ushered her to ‘more suitable’ pursuits.

This kind of reaction is very familiar.  When my children were toddlers, other parents would often ask me if my children were okay when they climbed a ladder and slid down the longest slide, as I observed from a distance. I have never been a parent to shadow my child’s every move and rarely feel the need to step in.

It is always refreshing to find a parent who shares my attitude.  On a recent trip to the park with a friend, I was so happy to find someone who not only didn’t bat an eyelid when my eldest started paddling barefooted in the cold wet mud but actively encouraged the others to join in. When the children threw rocks on the ground to see if they would break , she gave them advice on how to do it safely, rather than stopping them because it was too dangerous.

You are my kind of mum friend because you let all these experiences happen.

FullSizeRender [345550]
It’s fun to stand on the roundabout, when we fell, we worked out how we needed to balance to stay on.


WP_20160322_003 1
When you are 5 you can climb a big rock without any help.
I can test the ice if I stand on the edge and throw sticks to see if it will break.


I explore the size of the ripples as I throw stones into the pond.  If I get too close I might get wet and the water is cold!
WP_20151113_002 1
Mud is good – the squishier the better!
We don’t need a swimming costume to get wet.
WP_20140123_008 (1)
Who can find the biggest branch?


Don’t tell me it’s cold, I need to feel it!
Puddles are the best!

FullSizeRender [345562]
It’s okay to play – even when you’re almost 12.
FullSizeRender [345556]
If I ride on my coat, I go faster.
FullSizeRender [345552]
It’s okay to remove your shoes and coat when it isn’t quite Spring.

Take off your shirt and play with a stick.
getting wet
I’m going to have a shower. I’m getting very wet, now the rain is staying on me.

And when you let these things happen, with a little bit of support they will have the courage to jump.





20 thoughts on “You’re My Kind of Mum Friend Because…..”

  1. That slide looks fab, I want a go! I am definitely a more care free mum since having my second child, I have learnt not to worry if they get messy or wet. As long as they are happy, clothes can be changed and washed. #picknmix


  2. Its so helpful when you meet like-minded people, especially when it somes to being out and about with your kids. Your photos are amazing, they really capture adventures and discoveries.


  3. Love the slide. I think parenting confidence grows as you know what your child is capable of doing. Youngest’s best friend is the eldest child. While my son followed his older sisters on days out, his friend was kept near. I know it puzzled him. #CountryKids


  4. What a great post, I must say I wholeheartedly agree with you, it’s important to let the kids experience the outdoors for themselves and you’re just there to make sure that they don’t go too far. It’s great that you’ve found a like minded mum who your kids can mess around with and experience life. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  5. We are constantly out with mummy friends and my Josh is the one that gets mucky. But who cares! He is having fun doing his own thing, plus if we are going near water I know no matter what the weather he will need spare clothes because he will no doubt go in lol


  6. I do my best to let my girls explore and be free but a ridiculous number of visits to A&E has made me more cautious so now I am probably somewhere in between you and the mum who wouldn’t let her daughter pick up a rock! Lol! Those slides look amazing #countrykids


  7. I would love to meet you on a trip to the park! My youngest has no fear at all, she loves the mud & water. Our paddling pool usually gets tipped onto the grass so she can make muddy puddles, she will dive down the slide head first and sword fight with sticks. It’s so much fun, I bet the other child is only aloud to play on the iPad at home too, or play dollies.


  8. You are raising strong children who will learn to think and problem solve, and who will have bravery; perhaps bravery to stand up to what is right, or to try something new. Bravo to you! Decades ago I let my six-year-old roller blade to school before he could tie his shoes, and to go to sleepover camp when he was eight. Other parents were horrified, yet today they wish their children had the same character. I also have the same approach in my preschool classroom. Thank you!


  9. I do admit that heart skips a beat when my son would climb things that are high. He is clumsy after all but I keep it to myself. I am thinking my fear would hinder or would cause him to fall. I let him experience life. The things here I werent able to experience them as a child because its im from a poor country and I want my son not to miss anything. #countrykids


  10. Great post and fantastic photos. I think it’s important to remember to be present while your children are exploring. To an outsider or fellow parent at the playground there’s a fine line between allowing them to explore potentially dangerous things and being somewhat neglectful. I’ve been told “I helped him do X because you didn’t” before, and I hadn’t because I know he can do it; I’ve seen him several times before. But the other carer hasn’t and thinks I’m just not bothered about the safety of my own children.
    Visiting from #countrykids


  11. Oh yeah I wanna be your Mum friend! Let them wade knee deep in mud I say! You can always run a bath and wash clothes in that thing called a washing machine! You’ve got to them try things, climb things otherwise you transfer your worries to them and they wont try things for themselves. Great post #picknmix


  12. Oh I love this and know exactly what you mean. All 3 of mine are really adventurous and I have learnt to just let them get on with it only sometimes suggesting a safer way. I have friends that are horrified by it and get the looks when we are out. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


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