Snow Day:Ideas for Playing in the Snow

snow day

What a treat to have a snow day on the last day of term before Christmas. On a snow day we receive an automated message from our school district. Initially the message said all schools would open 2 hours late but this soon changed to ‘closed for the day’.


In preparation for the Winter Olympics we tried bobsledding. The girls lay on their front while their sisters pushed them down the hill shouting oy,oy,oy. I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics to show them real bobsledding – I loved watching it as a kid.


The girls started the make a snowman.  I suggested we see if we could roll a really big ball to make a body.  My 9-year-old found it difficult as the snow kept crumbling so I started it off for her and then everyone joined in to help.

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Once we had perfected the art of making snowmen they made a baby one to pull on the sledge.
baby snowman on sledge

He soon ended up with his friend.

mother and baby snowman

Snow Painting

After a break for cookies and hot chocolate, I filled some glitter sprinklers and herb containers with powder paint.  The little ones enjoyed sprinkling around while my eldest drew pictures in the snow with her fingers and coloured them in.

They made a snow angel and coloured it with paint.

coloured snow angel

Other Snow Fun

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


10 thoughts on “Snow Day:Ideas for Playing in the Snow”

  1. How fabulous! Such a shame the school was closed and everyone had to play in the snow. Sounds like everyone had the best time – I can’t believe how much snow you have too. We’ve not had any yet – hoping it comes after Christmas 🙂


  2. Such a great idea to include powder paint. Im from the south coast so never a promise of snow but if we get it this year or early next I will for sure be trying this out. Fab post * #countrykids Merry christmas :):):)


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