An Apology of Sorts.

This post is an apology of sorts.

When I started this blog I wanted to share my ideas and knowledge of early education but I also used it as a way of expressing the realities of life with 3 young children.

As I browse through my more recent material, you could be excused for believing that I have an idyllic life. The sun is always shining, my kids roam around outdoors all day, I come up with amazing things to do with the kids, I take them out to interesting places, they are creative, funny, clever and well-behaved, we bake, pick fresh produce and make fresh juices………

I find many inspirational articles from other blogs but for all the thought-provoking stuff I read, there are also a proportion that make me feel inadequate. I hope I’m not turning into one of them.

The amazingly organised Reggio inspired playrooms put me to shame. My boxes are neatly labelled, everything has its place but I am by nature a messy person so there always seems to be something that doesn’t quite fit or is not put away properly (if it is put away at all ).

Some positive parenting blogs show everyone acknowledging their child’s feelings, talking in a calm whisper and never using the word ‘don’t’. It’s great in theory but I sometimes need to read stories of people whose kids are too loud or women who are struggling to make it through each day.

The reality is:

  •  When I’m trying to sort out paying a bill, finish a spreadsheet  or manage a booking and the kids keep nagging me for food over and over – I shout.
  •   When I’m almost at the end of my task and one of them knocks something over, needs help on the toilet or they start arguing with each other I get exasperated.
  • At the end of the day when I’ve just about used up all my resources and they are still running around challenging every instruction, I speak to them in a frustrated tone.
  • When I’m trying to keep a train of thought in my head for more than 5 seconds and they have asked me yet another question – I discourage their inquiring minds.
  • When I’ve stayed up late and I just can’t seem to get going in the morning I allow them to sit and watch television for a lot more than the recommended 30 minutes.
  • When I rush them around from place to place and they stop to admire a stick, a bee or a flower, I tell them to hurry up.
  • When I feed them pasta and pesto for the 3rd time that week because I’m not organised enough to prepare food in advance.
  • When my eldest wants to read me a chapter of Harry Potter, I’ve always got something more important to do.

So, if you feel inadequate when you look at the things we do, remember they are just a snap shot and really I am just like you.

If I’ve burst your bubble and you’d really like to think I’m perfect that’s okay too, the things we do are real, but who can be perfect for 24 hours a day?

3 thoughts on “An Apology of Sorts.”

  1. Right there with you. It is hard to bog bc I fell like it is an inadequate portrayal of our lives. But in a way the blog is for me. a way for me to feel gratitude in the goodness in my life and not dwell on my missteps.

    Thanks for sharing on my page and if you haven’t done so already please link up to the Sunday Parenting Party on my blog.


  2. I love your reflection on this. Its that kind of honesty that makes you such a good mum. It shows the kids you aren’t perfect – but that’s ok. That you are doing the best you can – and that’s all we can do. Its about being ‘good enough’ and aspiring to be a bit better. I don’t care if your blogs don’t always share all the crappy stuff; every mother knows that stuff goes on too (or at least they should!). I love your blog. You share you teaching (and parenting) experience and lovely ideas which inspire me with my own kids, and many times I have been more patient, more interested and more engaged with my kids because of your blog. So thanks and don’t apologise. Just keep bloggin’ 🙂


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