Outdoor Play: Nature Faces

I’ve got an idea Mummy. How about we get the plates we use for barbecues, collect lots of things from around the garden like leaves and sticks and stuff and make people.

Great idea. You could use things from the loose parts station too.

I know, we could use bottle tops for eyes. There are 4 of us so we need 8.

We need 8.  We have 10 let's throw 2 of them away. Now that's right.
We need 8. We have 10 let’s throw 2 of them away. Now that’s right.

Oh no! We are not allowed to pick leaves from the trees and it isn’t autumn. How will we get leaves?

Look there are some nice little yellow leaves on the floor. Where did they come from?

This tree up here.

cherry tree

That looks like a cherry tree, there are red fruit on it but they are very small.

I’ll pick one and see if there is a stone inside. Yes there is, they are cherries. We could use them for a nose.

My 2 year-old started making a face but soon became more interested in exploring what the glue did. She then brought her watering can and watered her face.

Just as with the clay my 2-year-old has very different interests and plays at a different level to her sisters but that never prohibits her joining in.

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