Outdoor Play: Bubble and Straw Painting.

bubble paintingMy kids love messy activities but sometimes it’s just a little too much to handle indoors.

We decided to do some outdoor painting.

A small amount of paint, a squirt of washing up liquid and a few drops of water were mixed in our pallet.

I showed my 4-year-old  how to blow bubbles with a straw. We talked about the difference between blowing and sucking.

What will happen if you suck the straw?

I’ll drink the paint. Yuck!

It’s like the wind, the wind blows but it doesn’t suck.

blowing paint
We tried to make the bubbles come over the top. We found that we needed to blow gently. They still didn’t quite bubble enough so we carefully added more water and tried again.

We placed the paper on top to make bubble patterns.

placing the paper on a bubble printbubble print

Next she made a bubbly hand print.

Time to get clean.
Time to get clean.

When the paint overflowed onto the deck she discovered that you could do something else with the straw.


The paint moves and makes patterns when you blow it with a straw.
The paint moves and makes patterns when you blow it with a straw.


Blowing the paint on the paper with the straw made a whole new type of painting.

blowing paint with a straw

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Play: Bubble and Straw Painting.”

  1. What a fun and creative activity, one which doesn’t break the bank either. So much better for being outside where the mess can easily be cleaned up! Thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.


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