Why Do We Wear Daffodils and Leeks on St. David’s Day?

Welsh ladyHave you ever wondered why we wear leeks and daffodils on St. David’s Day?

The story goes that the Welsh were in a battle with the Saxons. As the Saxons and the Welsh wore similar clothes, it was difficult to establish who they should be fighting.  A monk (St. David) suggested the Welsh to wear a leek in their helmet to identify them. The Welsh went on to win the battle and the leek was adopted as the Welsh emblem..

Another  legend suggests that Welsh archers fought and won a battle against the French in a field of leeks. The Welsh soldiers took to wearing leeks in their caps on St.David’s Day to remember their bravery.

The wearing of a daffodil is a more recent tradition popularised by David Lloyd George. Some suggestions are that the daffodil closely resembles a leek flower and since they are more common than leek flowers, the daffodil is worn instead . Another suggestion is simply that it is a popular flower that grows around the time of St.David’s Day and offers a less smelly alternative to wearing a leek.

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