Happy St. David’s Day: My Recording of Llwyn Onn

As my final St. David’s Day post I thought I’d share my recording of the Welsh folk song Llwyn Onn. I have wanted to record acapella harmony singing for some time so, with a little patience, a book of folk songs and some free audio-recording software called Audacity, I managed to get my first attempt of singing with myself uploaded.

Some of the pictures are holiday snaps but most are lovely pictures of Wales I found on Flickr from The Ancient Brit.

Even more fitting is that this St. David’s Day is the funeral of a good friend of my dad’s who passed away recently, so you’ll note the little tribute at the end in memory of Derek Baker – rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “Happy St. David’s Day: My Recording of Llwyn Onn”

  1. Hi Rachel, thanks for leaving your details on my blog. This recording is fab. Was Audacity easy to use? I keep meaning to have a go. I sing in an a capella harmony group but we don’t get together enough and it would be fun to try stuff out without the others around, so that we can hit the ground running when we meet. I have a loop machine, but it’s too much of a faff to set up.

    Looks like we have a bit in common – I’m interested in early ed too – largely Primary and from an NLP perspective, writing a book about NLP for parents atm and also interested in Philosophy for Kids, Mindfulness in schools and Code Club (bit of a curve ball that one, but I used to work in IT), I also run a folk club in West Yorkshire, so if you ever make it back over, pop in for a sing 😉 I used to live in Vancouver and visited Seattle a couple of times….. cool city, but I prefer Van and the ability to ski after work 😉 Enjoy your stay there. F


    1. Thanks Fiona

      Audacity is really easy to use provided you have a decent microphone and ideally a pop filter. You can do a lot with it although I don’t tend to fiddle with it too much. There are really good help pages and with a bit of study you could do all kinds of stuff.
      Looks like we have lots in common, thanks for popping over to say hi. x


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