The ParaNorman Local Legends Schools and Libraries Initiative

Right From the Start will soon be reviewing this new DVD and offering readers the chance to enter a fantastic giveaway. In the meantime I wanted to share an initiative for schools and libraries in association with the release.

ParaNorman is a stunning animation which is the 1st ever stop motion film to utilize full-color 3D for replacement animation. The marvel concerns the misadventure of a young outsider called Norman who becomes a hero and saves his town.

The School and Libraries Initiative is targeted at children aged 7 – 10 years and aims to promote the opportunity that the film provides to explore the themes of local legends and individuality.

The initiative will provide a complete, high calibre teaching solution (creative, exciting and fully integrated into the National Curriculum) for Year 5 & 6 teachers that seamlessly works ParaNorman into a week of cross-curricular lesson plans
Additionally it will provide a complete library event that engages 7-10 year olds, encourages research and promotes ParaNorman. The event is linked to their local community and cements the place of the library within the children’s locality.
This is based around the idea of each community having its own local legends, ghost stories, folklore, oral history or unique characters.

In the classroom children will research or create these (e.g. you could create a school legend of your own) using history, geography, creative writing, art and drama.

In the library setting this will take the form of an event using local stories and history as a starting point, inviting local historians, museums, actors and writers in to take part.
Throughout the process, teachers and librarians will be using Norman’s tale as an example and using ParaNorman resources to illustrate their teaching/discussion points.
Participating groups will showcase their creative work (work that runs with the themes of ParaNorman) to Universal for a chance to win £1000 of media equipment  for schools and  funding for a children’s reading area makeover  for libraries.

Suggested ways of doing this are creating an online album, writing a class ‘local’ newspaper, writing a play about their local legend, creating a mural, creating a storyboard or flick book for a stop-motion short story.
Resource packs will be mailed out to participating schools and libraries. These will include the following:
o Covering letter with hints, tips and a drive to online resources for the teacher or librarian
o Poster for classroom/event poster for library
o ParaNorman giveaways (stickers, bookmarks, postcards, masks)
o ParaNorman Local Legends Reporter’s Notebook – a fully branded 8pp notebook with space for children to write their findings, draw and map their discoveries. This will also include an incentive to purchase the DVD.

Schools and libraries can register by visiting . Lesson plans will be available to download from the site from 14th January.  The first 100 schools to register will receive a complimentary DVD pack and a hard copy of the lesson plans.

The DVD is released in the UK on 28th January Blu-ray, 3D and DVD pack RRP £24.99, DVD RRP £19.99.


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