Magic Belles: Magic Music – A Review

My girls love fairies and music so they were very excited to try this new game on the iPad. Created to introduce children to the world of music, Magic Belles: Magic Music
features seven vibrant mini games to entertain girls between the ages of 3 –

There is one game for each fairy, all featuring musical sounds and lots of interactive features. The vibrant colours and graphics are captivating and the games feature things all little girls love including rainbows, flowers and butterflies.

My girls favourite was the rainbow game. After filling the paint pots from the rainbow, toadstools can be painted and every colour has a different sound.  My 3-year-old also likes the butterfly game. The object is to find hidden butterflies and by tapping them reveal their different sounds as they fly away. When all the butterflies have been found a melody is played. My daughter sang along to the notes as she tapped the butterflies and then declared in song what she was going to do next.

My personal favourite is the picnic game.  Food is dragged onto the picnic blanket to create a melody.  The food can be moved into different positions to change the tune and if you place 2 items of food above one another a chord is played.  I also like the dot to dot game for encouraging number recognition in a fun way.

If I could change anything about the app it would be the tone of the sounds used.  The notes can be quite harsh and piercing (similar to a tuning fork) and I would suggest keeping the volume low or you are likely to end up with a headache.

My girls have enjoyed this game and I expect that they will look out for more from the fairy characters.

From an educational perspective, it is a useful introduction to melody and harmony but don’t expect your children to become the next Mozart .

Magic Belles: Magic Music is available from the App Store for £1.49  and can be downloaded for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.




3 thoughts on “Magic Belles: Magic Music – A Review”

  1. Hi Rachel! Thank you for your lovely review – we so appreciate it! We especially like that it got your daughter singing :-)) The music used in the app is actually based on a tone matrix, which uses the pentatonic scale. It’s the scale used in most nursery rhymes, so is a fantastic musical introduction for kids, and works together in many harmonious combinations – but, yes, volume control is useful! As parents, we quite understand. We hope you’ll come and visit us on our website too (, where we have weekly crafts, free printable activities and fun facts about special wonders! Have a lovely weekend and wishing you all the best, the Magic Belles in Bellevue! xxx


    1. You are welcome.

      I found some of the sounds a little shrill and would have preferred a sound that was a little gentler on the ear but otherwise it’s great.

      Would be happy to work with you on future projects – Bellevue Washington is very near to us, I’m sure they would love a visit from the Magic Belles.

      I checked out the website – I especially like the Flutterbud Club Page.


      1. Hello Rachel – so glad you liked the Flutterbud Club section! Thanks so much for your offer of help – it’s great to know and very much appreciated! Hope you’re having a great weekend and thanks again for the kind review! Maxine x


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