bignor regis butlins floods

Our Little Adventure

Monday didn’t quite turn out as planned.

The plan was a 4 night break at Butlins Bognor Regis Resort’s Shoreline Hotel with all my family as part of the Butlins Ambassador Programme.

We headed off at lunchtime, kids fed, dvd playing and on time. I happened to check Facebook before I left and Butlins had posted that there were floods in the Bogner Regis area and delays on the roads.  My dad re-set the sat nav to avoid the worst of the traffic and off we went.

We may have ended up  stuck in thisbignor regis butlins floods but 90 minutes later I glanced at my phone and spotted a direct message on Twitter from @Katiebutlins who saved the day. She was asking me to call urgently because they knew we were en route to Bognor and there were flooding problems.  I made the call.  I was told to turn around because the police had shut the road into the resort and there was no way in.  Guests with bookings were being given the option to return tomorrow or have their booking honoured at a later date.  I was advised that the best option was not to return tomorrow as the resort was like a swamp and that they were trying to get accommodation at Minehead instead.

A short while later our booking at Minehead was confirmed, with a complimentary upgrade for my dad.  We turned around headed past my home town and further west to Minehead. I wouldn’t have wanted to work for Butlins on Monday, having to deal with lots of disappointed holiday makers, but I think everyone understood that even Butlins can’t control the elements.

We arrived in Minehead just in time to drop our bags and get to dinner 5 minutes before they stopped serving.  When we explained what had happened the staff went out of their way to help, ensuring that our party with 4 children under 5 were fed and watered.

I am so grateful for the swift response to the weather conditions and for finding us an alternative resort.  I know as Butlins Parent Ambassadors it would be accepted that we would be looked after, but from the comments on the Butlins Facebook page it appears everyone was pleased with the way things were dealt with.

Today Bognor Regis resort is back open and guests are arriving. Though I was looking forward to my stay in the Shoreline Hotel, we have the added bonus today that it has been a sunny day and we even made it into the outdoor pool.paddling pool  Something we hadn’t bargained for based on the forecast for Bognor Regis. Sometimes fate smiles down on you after all.

3 thoughts on “Our Little Adventure”

  1. I am at Bognor at the moment, we drove through a lake to get here and nearly killed the car but we were 3 miles away when we realised how bad it was. Weather has been ok but its raining again now. Glad you are having a great break in Minehead.


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