Goodbye UK – Parties and Holidays

union flagI had a great response to my request for ideas for my British themed goodbye party yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who shared ideas, the party was a resounding success and stress free.  Using some of the ideas from the last post and some of her own, my 8 year old took control of the children’s party. She set up a stall painting faces and nails which kept a crowd of girls occupied for many hours.  A friend even spotted he’d had his name painted on his leg and in a haze of cocktails hadn’t noticed!

british face paintWe set up colouring sheets of Union flags and blank bunting inside (due to the wind) and my daughter decided to make this a competition.

Next, the races – sack races were really popular and prizes given out for the winners.sack race I hear egg and spoon races were abandoned because it became too difficult to control.

We had meant to set up biscuit decorating but I forgot and spotted the biscuits in the kitchen at the end of the night.  We’ll have to save that for another day.

The beautiful and unexpected weather made it the perfect British Garden Party, with good friends and neighbours and a few lethal cocktails.  We even had an appearance from my husband from the other side of the world thanks to Video Kinect.

To continue the British theme we are heading off for a great British holiday at Butlins this week.  Thanks to the Butlins parent ambassador programme we are heading to Bognor Regis for a 5 day break with my brother and his family.  My dad and step-mum are joining us for a true family farewell.  I believe the forecast is rain, so we will be sent off in true British fashion.

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