Kids Jokes and a Chance to Win one of 5 Copies of My First Justin’s Jokes

justins my first jokes

I  think it is a great landmark in children’s language development when they begin to understand jokes.  At first they are not remotely funny but they begin to understand the formula behind jokes and to remember ones that they find funny.  My 8 year old and 3 year old love jokes and we are often subjected to hours of awful jokes in the car or at the dinner table. Their favourite is

Why didn’t the worm go into the Ark in an apple?

Because they had to go in pairs.

They have even invented a game for us to play in the car.  My 8 year old gives the punchline and we have to guess what the joke is.  This is very hard especially as she leaves little room for creative licence, it ends up as an annoying variation to cryptic crosswords. I do think however this would be a great school task, understanding and creating jokes would be an entertaining way to improve children’s language comprehension and creative writing.

The jokes from the joke book in the car have been wearing a bit thin so when we were offered the chance to review ‘My First Justin’s Jokes’ I thought we might finally get some new ones.  This is a perfect joke book for young children as it is full of pictures, with 2 or 3 jokes to each page and can be read in one sitting. My personal favourite

Knock knock

Who’s there ?


Dunnup who?


A perfect joke for little boys.

I have 5 copies of My First Justin’s Jokes to giveaway.  To enter make me smile by telling a joke, funny story or posting a link to a humourous blog post or picture. My 5 favourites will win a copy of the book.

Terms and conditions

Winners will be chosen at midnight on 3rd June and notified by email.

Multiple entries are permitted

Open to residents in the UK and Ireland only.


27 thoughts on “Kids Jokes and a Chance to Win one of 5 Copies of My First Justin’s Jokes”

  1. My 4 1/2 year old son started for the first time trying to tell jokes and the stuff he was coming out with which didnt make any sense at all, dont you just love kids being kids make you laugh without even trying bless them


  2. My son who is 4 1/2 just started for the first time trying to tell jokes that made no sense what so ever, dont you just love kids being kids they make you laugh 🙂


  3. my 5 year old walked in the other day and came out with; how do you make a snooker table laugh, stick your hand in a pocket and tickles its b***s, so suprised I did not dare laugh,


  4. ooooo firstly my youngest would love this ! hes been pulling my ear to learn jokes over the last few weeks lol !

    ok first one is from my middle son , he was 11 at the time and he was sat playing the wii , when he suddenly took a strop at it , i asked what was wrong and he said he couldnt do this silly level , i explained how he needs to keep trying and soon he will do it , so he trys again , this time he gets really cross and shouts , ” I cant FIRE AT WILL” …. i ask why , and he replies, “cos theres loads of them and i dont know which one Will is ” ….. well i couldnt reply from laughing !!

    second is a joke from my youngest who is joke obsessed right now he is 4 , ” what do u call a sheep with no legs ? ……………………. A cloud !” and if u dont like that one his follow up is …. “how do u make an apple puff ? …… chase it round the garden”

    ok lame jokes over good luck all x


  5. oh ….. and an all time classic from my fella ….. we had just bought new phones and he had spent the night b4 puttin his fav sons on it …. anyhow in matalan that day i lost him couldnt see him anywhere so i rang his mobile , he didnt answer , i ran again and he still didnt answer , while i was ringing the 3rd time i caught sight of him kinda jigging about near a clothes rail , on closer inspection i realised he was singing ….. i hung up the phone and walked over to him , by the time i got there he had gone bright red and was checking his phone ……. yes u guessed it , he was singing and jigging along to the phone thinking it was the shop playing his fav track …… LOL !


  6. What did the inflatable teacher at the inflatable school say to the inflatable pupil?

    You`ve let me down, you`ve let the school down but most of all you`ve let yourself down!


  7. Some of these jokes make you cringe. Our 5 year old has just started telling such jokes, usually wrongly and we laugh in the right places


  8. My 2 year old daughter not only joins in calling Mr Tumble (very loudly and hands cupped around the mouth) on”Something Special” but she has taken this to everyday life by shouting the person she wants,..and then waits very patiently expecting them to appear.


  9. My grandson lives in New Zealand and came to England on holiday, he absolutely loved Jason and Mr Tumble and his jokes. He would really love this book.


  10. My son’s first joke: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “why?””to get his food because his food was in the road:)”


  11. my daughter tells people that terrys chocolate orange is good and healthy and one of her 5 a day because it has extract of orange in it.


  12. I work as a nanny and the 3.5 year old loves jokes and Justin. She always watches Gigglebiz and repeats the jokes afterwards but gets all the jokes mixed up which is very funny. My boyfriend is always making up jokes on the spot, one of his latest ones is ‘what did the dog have to eat in the cafe? Pooched eggs on toast!’ 😀


  13. My sons most recent joke that he brought back from school is
    What is the best way to speak to a monster ?
    From a long way away !


  14. An Eskimo mother was reading her little boy a bedtime story. “Little Jack Horner sat in the corner” she began. “mum” interrupted the little boy, “what’s a corner?”


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