Feeling Appreciated in the Blogging World

I have been reading a post on Mari’s World entitled How Important is a Blogging Award?  Mari questions whether it is ok to feel a tad disappointed when you don’t reach the final of these awards and whether it is a reflection of your writing skill.  I took a slightly different take on it this year.  I would love to be shortlisted and achieve recognition for what I do but that isn’t my first consideration.

When last years  blogging awards came around I was fairly new to this game but this year there are a few blogs that I really think deserve recognition for their wonderful writing.  I have a particular favourite, Mammy Woo . She makes me laugh and she makes me cry and every post she has ever written makes me say ‘wow, what an amazing piece of writing’.  I hope one day she writes a novel because I know it will be read in a single sitting and leave me with a feeling of awe and inspiration. I nominated her because I think the world needs to know about this amazing writer.

I feel that Mammywoo is the best of its kind and as such deserves recognition.  She didn’t ask me to vote or nominate, I did it out of admiration for her art. I hope that one day someone will feel passionate enough about my writing to nominate me.  Not because they know me or like me as a friend but that a stranger will be inspired to say that I stand out.  This may never happen but for me that is the best form of recognition.

Last night I had a night out with work colleagues of my husband’s that I hadn’t met before.  I was really touched when some of them came up to me saying that they read my blog and love it.  Comments such as ‘You really must get your wife to read Rachel’s blog’, ‘My wife really relates to the things you write about’ and ‘it reads really well and feels conversational and honest’ meant a great deal.  Blogging is sometimes a lonely pursuit and it is great to feel that people are reading and enjoying the things I write. Genuine appreciation is always a pleasant surprise and encourages me to keep sharing my thoughts and insecurities.

Thank you to all those who have said wonderful things about my writing.  Do awards really matter that much?  Not really, but if you like something spread the word.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Appreciated in the Blogging World”

  1. I just happened to fall across this post. THANK YOU SO MUCH MISSIS! i am on a break at work and am now sat with a stupid grin on my face feeling a bit teary. This recognition is what makes it all worth while, the baring of my soul. Thank you. Thank you and i mean it from the heart, thank you.


    Thank you. I am having a hard day today. You just made it bearable.


    1. You are welcome. I have recommended your blog to lots of people and they all agree that you are a wonderful writer. Be proud, you have a great talent. Keep writing, I think you are a remarkable woman x


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