Tots 100 Film Club Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies

The choice of film for review in this months Tots 100 Film Club was made by my 3 year old,  she chose Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies.

The 3 girls watched it for the first time at their grandparents, I returned to hear roars of laughter from all 3 girls. It reminded me of when my eldest was younger and used to watch Donald Duck videos over and over again until they wore out.  They were the only things she would genuinely laugh out loud to.  They love the slapstick of traditional cartoons and Bugs Bunny has given me a lot of respite over the past few weeks.

Mummy watch this ,

they said as Daffy Duck bashed into tree trunks time and time again.

The Story begins when the Easter Bunny is sick and they have to find a replacement.  Bugs Bunny is the obvious choice but he is tied into filming contracts so Bugs and Grandma explore other possibilities from other Warner Brothers cartoon favourites like Yosemiti Sam, Sylvester the Cat and Daffy Duck.

Mummy let me tell you the funny bits

1.  When Sebeti Sam says ‘ you stupid dragon’

2.  The bit where Sebeti Sam tells the dragon not to sneeze and he sneezes and they are blown up to space.

3. The bit where Daffy Duck keeps bashing into the logs

4. When grandma and Bugs Bunny think it is the Easter Bunny but really it’s Daffy Duck.

I think this one might be in danger of facing the same fate as Donald Duck.


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