The Secret Garden – A Tots 100 Film Club Review

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I’ve always been a bookworm and my children are inheriting this trait.  When I think back to the books that I devoured as a child I feel a sense of comfort. The Tots 100 film club offered me the chance to review one of a selection of films this month.  Many of them were adaptations of classic children’s books so it was a difficult choice. I chose ‘The Secret Garden’ as it is a wonderful story and the I remember the 1993 film as a beautiful adaptation.

My 7 year old has read the book but  I wasn’t sure that it would be suitable for my 3 year old in spite of its U classification.

The girls asked if they could watch it in their cinema room (a games console hooked up to a projector in our cellar).  As they settled down to watch I expected my 3 year old to watch for a while before becoming distracted.  She was riveted and even asked to watch it again a few days later.  On our trip to school today she proclaimed,

“I’m the girl from the Secret Garden.  I’m Mary.”

When watching the film for the 2nd time she told me correctly what was going to happen next,

“The mummy comes in a minute and gets cross, she tells her not to go poking around.”

The adaptation is faithful to the original story, is well acted and the transformation of the garden from an overgrown wilderness to  a carefully tended playground is beautiful.

I talked to my 7 year old about films that are adapted from novels, explaining that often people prefer the book as they feel the film doesn’t always tell the story in the same way.  I asked whether she prefered the book or the film,

“Hmm, I like both…. I think I prefer the film because it explains some of the things better.  You get more detail in the film.”

The Secret Garden is a great family movie and I think will be added to our list of favourites, a great start to the Tots 100 Film Club and the cinema room is set up eagerly awaiting next months film.


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