Donate Children’s Books to Get Britain Reading

booksFor some time now I have been wondering what to do with all my children’s books. I collected children’s books before I had children and these were given to my children.  There are many that I can’t part with but every so often I have a purge of the children’s bookshelves as the space gets  more and more restricted.

It always seems a shame to give them away, especially when I hear about the high percentage of children who don’t have books of their own.  With the  Bookstart budget being cut I have often wondered if there was a way I could donate my books to a needy cause.

On a rare occasion that I turned on the television in the morning, a feature grabbed my attention. It was the ITV Get Britain Reading Campaign.  The Statistics are astounding,  1 in 3 children between the age of 7 – 16 does not own a book.  This makes me even more determined to get my books to children that need them.

Finally this is possible as Daybreak have set up venues across the country where good quality children’s books can be donated. Books can be deposited until Sunday 4th March and then they will be distributed by The Salvation Army, Booktrust and Dyslexia Action.


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