Happy Blog Anniversary – Top 5 Posts of the Year

1st birthday

Today I have been blogging at Right from the Start for a year.  It has been an incredible year that has exceeded all expectations.  I have featured on Netmums, had some wonderful products to review, became an ambassador for Butlins, attended Cybermummy,had my first short story published, met some wonderful people and been told by many people that they love what I write.

I have lots of plans for 2012 for the blog and other writing projects, which I am very excited about.

I have published 92 posts in my first year and to commemorate my first anniversary I thought I would share with you the 5 most read posts (excluding reviews and competitions).

  1. Who Touched Your Life When you were a Child – Michael Morpurgo’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture  This was one of my earliest posts and one that I think shows my passion for early education and the impact we have on children’s lives.  It is my top ranking post thanks to a link from the BBC website.
  2. Goderich, the Prettiest Town in Canada – Before and After the Tornado – This picture based post shows the devastating effect of a Tornado on my Uncle’s home town.
  3. Parenting the Most Difficult Job in the World – This was a very early post and was the first that made me realise the opportunities that blogging offers.  It was featured as a guest post on Netmums and led to my being invited to become a part of the Netmums Review Team alongside well established, high profile bloggers. It is a post that I am very proud of and resonates with many people.
  4. Real Parenting Through the Eyes of Tim Minchin – After a wonderful weekend in Edinburgh for my 40th Birthday, I posted this hilarious and accurate song about trying to get children to sleep, by the wonderfully talented Tim Minchin.  For some reason I get a lot of searches on the blog for How Tall is Tim Minchin?
  5. There’s a Spider on the Floor – Fun with Rhyme A short post sharing a song that I share with my children.  I have a huge repertoire of children’s songs and will be sharing more in the next year.

Thank you to all those who have read and commented on my blog in the first year it has been wonderful to watch my readership grow and read the lovely comments that you take the time to make.  I’m looking forward to an exciting 2nd year.

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