Stickle Bricks – A Toy for All Ages

It is a rare treat to see all my 3 girls playing together with the same toy.  When my 3 year old chose to play with Stickle Bricks, my 1 year old and 7 year old joined in, each getting very different things from it and adapting it to their own interests and developmental stage. For me this is the mark of a good toy.

My 7 year old launched into making a full-scale model of a roller coaster.  She got a little frustrated when it fell apart a few times but with persistence completed it.

 My one year old was happy with just 2 Stickle Bricks, handing it to me to push together and then concentrating hard on pulling it apart.  A repetitive game that kept her occupied for a good 10 minutes.

Later she found the board and enjoyed discovering the texture with her bare feet, stepping on and off and laughing.

 stickle bricks and bare feet

My 3 year old created a piece of modern art adding things to it as she went along.

stickle brick artAdding a sock to make a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff.

stickle bricks and sock No Pepper isn’t the Troll. I’m not having a Troll and there aren’t any goats.

pepper and stickle bricks

No it isn’t finished yet.

As she gathered random objects from around the roomstickle brick art finished Now it’s finished.

It isn’t often that we find a toy that the girls can play with without worrying that the baby will ruin their play or put something small in her mouth.  It was an added bonus that the baby enjoyed playing with the Stickle Bricks in her own way.  We have had the Stickle Bricks since my 7 year old was a toddler and they still get lots of use.  It’s just a shame we don’t have a greater quantity now that we have 3 girls playing with them.

2 thoughts on “Stickle Bricks – A Toy for All Ages”

  1. It is lovely when all the children can play with something isn’t it? When my youngest was smaller DUPLO was the one thing everyone would play with.

    Thanks so much for linking to Little Builders.


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