Children’s Book Display and Storage from Big Book Little Book

My children have a huge amount of books that are always spilling from their bookcases.  With conventional bookcases it is difficult for the children to see the books in order to make an independent choice and even more difficult for them to put them away neatly.

When I came across Big Book Little Book  boxes offering a storage solution for baby and toddler books I thought I would give them a try. The boxes are designed by Frances, a mum to a book obsessed child like my own.  Dismayed by her son’s constant dismantling of the household bookcase and failing to find a solution for storing forward facing books she designed and manufactured her own.

The boxes arrive fully assembled, delivery is free and my box arrived within 48 hours of ordering.

The cardboard boxes are designed to fit both large and small books in the different sized compartments so that all books can be viewed.  The books are displayed forward facing so that children can easily browse  and select books independently.

Most of my children’s books are stored in their bedrooms but I like to keep a small selection downstairs so that they can choose books when they are playing there.  The Big Book Little Book box has replaced a small plastic one with resounding success.  The books are now far more accessible and my 3 year old can now put the books away easily by herself.

The box is made from recyclable cardboard and seems very durable.  The boxes have proved very popular with childminders as a way of promoting independent choice.  At £10 a box they are a low-cost alternative to many expensive book storage equipment available from Education Suppliers.  I think that the boxes would be a great resource for pre-schools, toddler groups and nurseries looking for a stylish, practical and economical way of displaying picture books. They are particularly good for encouraging very young children to choose books over other activities as they are low to the ground so that even babies can see inside.

The company can  offer 10% discount to not-for-profit organisations. Buy 2 or more boxes and get a free book worth £6 .


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