Little Legacy – Lullabies

Little Legacy is a remembrance project  run by Alexander Residence to celebrate small things handed down by predecessors.

When reading one of the posts this week I was reminded of a lullaby that I sing to my children.  It is a lullaby that I have never heard anyone else sing and have never been able to find elsewhere. I remember my mum singing it to my brother when he was young, he would repeatedly ask for it so I heard it a lot.  I remember my mum saying that her mum had sung it to her.

I don’t know if I remember it properly and probably I don’t remember the whole song because it is very short but it is something I have felt compelled to pass down.  I believe very strongly in the power of singing to calm children and build a strong bond.  When leading parent and toddler music groups I have seen groups of babies go from crying to attentive from the moment I begin to sing.  Many a stressful car journey has been saved by singing with my own children but something about lullabies is very special.  There are few greater feelings than snuggling cheek to cheek with your baby and singing softly to them as you rock them and stroke their head.

I have been meaning to record lullabies for a long time so this is hopefully the first of many.  It is recorded in the way that I would sing  to my children (though perhaps a little louder) without background music or distractions, focusing on the voice and cuddles.

This is lulla bye bye short but sweet and loaded with fond memories.

4 thoughts on “Little Legacy – Lullabies”

  1. I’m going to listen later from my laptop. What a lovely legacy and so good to record it. Our family lullaby is golden slumbers. My mum sang it to my son the last time I saw her, and shortly before that I captured her singing it on video. It felt like the biggest gift. Love what you say about building bonds, I love that it bonds generations too xxx


    1. What an amazing thing to have on video. That reminds me of another project that I must do with my eldest and her great grandfather. So that’s 2 tasks that Little Legacy has added to my list, thanks for keeping me on my toes x


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