Turning 40 – Aging Well? Comparing Photoshoots 10 years on.

When I turned 30 a friend bought me a photo shoot as a gift.  The photos were stunning and  I’ve always kept one on my wall as inspiration for how I would like to look when I had finally finished my childbearing days.

When I was 30 I felt pretty good about the way I looked, I had just got engaged, was going to the gym regularly, eating healthily and was happy.  More recently however I have come to the conclusion that I have always been too self critical and never really accepted how amazing I looked.

This year I turned 40.  As clichéd as it is, I see this as a turning point.  I don’t want to have anymore children so I now have the opportunity to get my body back in shape, to build a career and to become me again.  I have just returned from a photo shoot for my 40th birthday. In the past 10 years I’ve had 3 kids and 2 miscarriages, I’ve got more wrinkles and spend a lot less time on looking good.  I rarely get a haircut and lots of my clothes are past their sell by date.  However, I have finally stopped beating myself up for not being as slim as I was in my 20’s. For the first time in a very long time I feel good about the way I look.  I think for a 40 year old with 3 kids, the youngest of whom is only 9 months , I look pretty damn good.

I kept the cat suit from the first photo shoot – I never really believed I would ever be able to wear it again, but today I proved myself wrong.  Ok, I’m not quite as slim as 10 years ago and I did need a bit of help from some Bridget Jones pants but I did it and I think I look pretty good .

So here are some of the photos from my 30th


And the one’s I had taken today proving we can still look fabulous at 40

For anyone who wants a special gift for a special birthday I can highly recommend New ID Studios for a makeover photo shoot.  The shoot includes a hair wash, cut and style, makeup and the photoshoot. A lovely day out and a great way to boost your self esteem.

10 thoughts on “Turning 40 – Aging Well? Comparing Photoshoots 10 years on.”

  1. Wow Rachel you look incredible! So glad you had the guts to do this – there’s not many 40 year old that can pull off a catsuit! (In fact there’s not many people full stop that can). totally goreous – Happy 40th!!


  2. I was going to say I think you look better at 40 as well! I’m on the cusp of turning 30 and I wish I looked as good at 27 as you do now! I feel quite depressed now! lol Btw… I found your blog from Kate on thin ice’s “Getting your groove back” linky.


  3. You look so amazing in your pictures, I had the same idea and took my twin sister for a makeover for our 40th as well and we both loved it.
    New ID made us feel like new woman, we both got a much needed confidence boost and it think it got both of us thinking a bit more about trying to look good instead of thinking OK well we are older now and we can just let ourselves go.
    I think it is important for all women to take time out for themselves, we get dragged into a world were we are so busy working and taking care of the house, kids and husbands we often forget out important it is to put something back into us.
    I think New ID is a great way of getting the boost you need to get back on track.
    Tara and I are now going to get into the gym and get into shape, we are going to have a year of good healthy diet, lots of exercise and then go back again and have some pictures that I know we are going to look even better in.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and your amazing pictures.


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