Encouraging Children to Brush their Teeth – My Way Spinbrush

How many of you have found it hard to get their children to brush their teeth?  Independent children who won’t let you do it for them, or those who simply forget or brush far too quickly.  Well I think I may have found the answer.

My daughter who is almost 3 has brushed her teeth 4 times today and 3 times yesterday she is so taken by her new My Way Spinbrush.  She asks every time she goes into the bathroom ‘ Can I brush my teeth?’. 

Not only is the My Way Spinbrush a grown up electric toothbrush like mummy’s but also it comes with an array of stickers to customise your own toothbrush.  There are letter stickers for labelling the brushes with your child’s name, handy if you have more than one child and many picture stickers.  The stickers are designed to stay on once they have been applied.

Girls and boys versions are available. The My Way Spinbrush retails at £5.99 – I intend to buy one for a friends little boy who is reluctant to clean his teeth and think they could make a fab party present as an alternative to toys.



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