Lauren Child


I was going to write a very different post but have decided that on reading an email with a link to the new Lauren Child website, that it needed to be shared.

I am a huge fan of Lauren Child, I think she is a creative genius.  All of her books give me a warm fuzzy feeling, from the witty text to the colourful illustrations – and the children love them too. If I have as much talent in my little toe as she has, I will be happy.


A while ago I took 3 children to the Lauren Child exhibition at Cardiff Museum.  I was awestruck.  The children had an amazing time playing in Charlie and Lola’s kitchen  and dressing up in their clothes.  They read books and played with puppets, even the one year old had a great time.


For those of you who are aspiring writers Lauren Child’s website offers useful advice on writing for children and the Frequently Asked Questions  give  some great insights into her writing.

My eldest loves the Clarice Bean series, reading the books over and over. She loved them so much she wrote to Lauren and was very excited to receive a reply. One more reason to love her.

If you haven’t read any of her books, please do, I promise you won’t be disappointed

3 thoughts on “Lauren Child”

  1. Hello Rachel
    Kate just forwarded me a link to your post because since the Wroton workshop at Cybermummy I have started wrting a children’s book. This exhibition looks fab and will check out the link, although like you totally in awe of Lauren Child!
    Hope you are well, was lovely to meet you at Cybermummy


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