Wedding Singer / Things that Could go Wrong on your Wedding Day.

This weekend I sang at a friend’s wedding, both in the church and later at the reception with my lovely 7 year old daughter.  This is the thank-you Message that the bride posted earlier, I thought it was beautifully written so she has agreed that I can use it as a Guest Post.

Things that Could go Wrong on your Wedding Day by Jane Northcombe

You could be woken up by rain so torrential that you couldn’t hear yourself think; you could still have a prominent red rash on your (bare) shoulder from the persistent scrubbing of the fake tan so shockingly applied two days previously; your dress could be creased like a screwed up newspaper following the aborted attempt at steaming it by the bridal shop who had double booked themselves the day before your wedding; in setting up the perfect shot, your photographer could fall backwards through the open french window with such a force that the heel is prised from his shoe as his back hits the deck; you could be standing in the lounge in full wedding attire, anxious to get to the church, listening to the strains of your beautiful vintage Austin car turning over and over and over . . Things that could go right on your wedding day: The rain could stop just in time for your three beautiful bridesmaids to leave the house with hair, make-up and dresses intact; you could hold your father’s hand all the way to the church, both sporting big cheesy grins because you’re both so happy; the creases in the silk could enhance the quirky asymmetric design of your fabulous Benjamin Roberts dress, you could walk into a church filled with virtually all your close family and friends; you could manage to refrain from crying when your dear friend sings the most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria; you could marry the man you love; your children could be beautifully turned out, beautifully behaved and be allowed to throw confetti over you inside a church, where the throwing of confetti is not even permitted outside; your two year old could be charmingly two and drive his toy cars around the altar, making loud ‘broom, broom’ noises, keeping the guests amused while the non-spectator sport of signing the registers takes place; the sun could come out at the perfect time and stay hot even to the extent of inflicting sunburn on some unsuspecting shoulders and you and you brand new husband could have the best day of your lives, surrounded by fabulous friends and family. Thank you to everyone who helped make our day so brilliant x

And if you would like to check out the aforementioned rendition of Ave Maria

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