A break from the routine sometimes helps

I’ve been away for the weekend with my friends whilst my husband  looked after the girls. It was touch and go whether I would go as he has a broken foot and dealing with a temperamental 2 year old and a baby whilst hobbling on crutches can’t be much fun. Selfish wife and mummy I hear you cry……… but something worked.  On the first night my 7 month old slept through the night for the first time .  Result, no more sleepless nights with a baby in my bed continually feeding.  I had my first full nights sleep in months last night and my bedroom no longer looks like a nursery. To add to this my 2 year old, after months of coaxing, finally used the toilet.  For the first time today she asked to use the toilet and spent a successful afternoon in knickers. Well done Dad for breaking 2 well entrenched habits.  Maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about trying to encourage the kids to do things – perhaps just pass the buck to someone else. Of course it could just be a fluke.

Maybe I should go away more often.

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