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Pirate Phonics

What is a Pirate’s favourite shop? Arrrgos What is a Pirate’s favourite animal? An aarrrdvarrrk What does a Pirate spread on his toast? Marrrmite or marrrmalade. We have had hours of fun with the endless possibilities of pirate jokes around the … Continue reading

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Ideas for Teaching Literacy through Play – Painting with Feathers

On the way home from school we were talking about quills. My Harry Potter obsessed 9-year- old had made a quill by putting a biro refill into a feather. My four-year old asked Do we have any ink? No but we … Continue reading

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The Phonics Debate – Alive and Kicking on Mumsnet

I have been reading with interest the continuing phonics debate on Mumsnet this week in response to  Guest Posts from Michael Rosen and Nick Gibb. This year the UK government introduced phonics screening tests at the end of Year 1 and there … Continue reading

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