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Why Do Young Children Draw Belly Buttons?

My youngest daughter (age 4) has recently started to draw detailed pictures. Mostly they are people.  She always starts with the eyes, adds a nose and mouth and then draws the circle for a head. After adding hair, she draws … Continue reading

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What Would I Do Without My Kids? The 2 Sides of the Coin.

As I lifted my 2-year-old out of her cot to embark on the school run and she nuzzled sleepily into my neck, I held her firmly and asked myself ‘what would I do without my kids?’ When she greets me with … Continue reading

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Preserving British Culture #2 Traditional Games

Last week I featured as a guest writer on Netmums Blog with a post entitled Playground Games from our Childhood. In this I talk about sharing my childhood games with my girls, games that are in danger of being lost … Continue reading

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Paint Play – Colour Mixing

Included in our Baker Ross  parcel  was a box of acrylic paints. I use acrylics for my painting and find that one of the key components to painting is mixing the right colours.  I therefore thought it might be a good opportunity … Continue reading

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Mess Free Painting

Today we received a very welcome parcel from Baker Ross.  Right From the Start has joined their blogger network, they send us lots of goodies and we come up with our own creative projects for using them.  The theme of … Continue reading

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Love to Learn on CBeebies

I don’t generally recommend young children learn by watching television but I am human and like the rest of us appreciate a bit of respite from time to time.  Now that my 3 year old no longer naps during the day, after a busy  morning at playgroup an … Continue reading

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AngelBerry Frozen Yoghurt Factory – Healthy Treats for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal

There are times when I would like to take my kids somewhere fun to eat. Invariably we end up in an unhealthy fast food takeaway – and as for sweet treats, healthy options are few and far between.  So when … Continue reading

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