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Hallowe’en Songs for Pre-schoolers.

When it comes to Hallowe’en my repertoire of songs is not as large as some other seasonal favourites. Tweaking a few nursery songs and finding a few favourites online,  I put together a small package of activities for a preschool music session.   … Continue reading

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Pirate Phonics

What is a Pirate’s favourite shop? Arrrgos What is a Pirate’s favourite animal? An aarrrdvarrrk What does a Pirate spread on his toast? Marrrmite or marrrmalade. We have had hours of fun with the endless possibilities of pirate jokes around the … Continue reading

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Traditional Childrens’ Parties Promote Communication Skills.

Many of us provide elaborate parties for children under the age of 5 and then find that they are happy just ‘playing’.  I’ve adapted my parties over the years. I found that before the age of 3 my children were … Continue reading

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There’s a Spider on the Floor – Fun with Rhyme

  My 2 year old is just beginning to get the hang of rhyme and we often have fun at the dinner table making up rhymes for words. This morning at breakfast the girls found a plastic spider and I … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day – Musings on Poetry and Some to Share

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks amongst mummy bloggers  as to whether or not we would be prepared to share poetry that we had written as teenagers.  The general concensus was ‘no way, it is far … Continue reading

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