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British Children Learning to Read and Write in the US.

  I knew my youngest children would learn to read and write in the US and as a result I would have to accept that they would spell differently and use American phrases and grammar.  There are some unexpected differences however that I … Continue reading

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Pirate Phonics

What is a Pirate’s favourite shop? Arrrgos What is a Pirate’s favourite animal? An aarrrdvarrrk What does a Pirate spread on his toast? Marrrmite or marrrmalade. We have had hours of fun with the endless possibilities of pirate jokes around the … Continue reading

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Ideas for Teaching Literacy through Play – Painting with Feathers

On the way home from school we were talking about quills. My Harry Potter obsessed 9-year- old had made a quill by putting a biro refill into a feather. My four-year old asked Do we have any ink? No but we … Continue reading

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Juice Recipes for Kids: Inspired by ‘The Hungry Caterpillar.’

In a bid to get more healthy we recently invested in a juicer.  I now start every day with a healthy mean green as featured in the film ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It looks pretty grim but I assure … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of Literacy

As an Early Years teacher I have always capitalised on opportunities for literacy in everyday life. Making children aware and involving them in these things is often key to children viewing reading and writing as fun. Traditionally these would have … Continue reading

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Children’s Book Display and Storage from Big Book Little Book

My children have a huge amount of books that are always spilling from their bookcases.  With conventional bookcases it is difficult for the children to see the books in order to make an independent choice and even more difficult for … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Your Baby Can Read’

Some time ago I was asked to review ‘Your Baby Can Read’, a system for teaching babies from 3 months old to read. The system aims to introduce the written word at the same time as a baby is developing a verbal … Continue reading

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