Fairy Houses in the Woods.

fairy houseLook I think someone has been building fairy houses in the trees!

Do you believe in fairies? On a quiet walk around Beaver Lake Park, we discovered that they had taken up residence. Had the fairies crafted their own houses or had someone else built them to entice them in? Either option was equally magical to a 3-year-old. Having recently finished our own fairy garden, she was desperate to build a house herself and ran to fetch her sister. We carefully tiptoed around the trees, discovering at least a dozen fairy houses and rooms.

Fairy Hogwarts

Complete with ledges for the fairies to climb on

Complete with ledges for the fairies to climb on

This one had a swing made from blades of grass and a piece of bark.

This was my favourite.

This was my favourite.

fairy bathroom
It took a while to find the perfect tree to build in, untouched but with interesting levels and holes.

This one had a nice hole to make into a cosy home.

This one had a nice hole to make into a cosy home.

fairy steps

Maybe I could build some steps to go up to this room.

Meanwhile on another tree, her sister was building a bridge to reach from one tree stump to the other.  We searched for the right sized piece of wood.

That's perfect.

That’s perfect.

They set to work making tables and benches, carefully scouring the area for the perfect materials.

furniturebuilding a fairy house

fairy house 3

They really wanted to stay but the night was drawing in and mummy was slowly being eaten alive by mosquitos. Every little girl knows that fairies come out at dusk and are afraid of humans. We needed to leave the woods quickly to give the fairies a chance to discover their new home. I wonder what type of fairy will choose to rest there?

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9 Responses to Fairy Houses in the Woods.

  1. Ah this is zoo cute, i bet they loved it x


  2. What a wonderful activity! I love the little ledges for them – I hope the fairies enjoy their new homes :)


  3. Coombe Mill says:

    I am so into our fairy garden at the moment I was drawn in by this post. Out fairy gardens are growing by the day and there are some lovely ideas here. Fairy swings are being pinned for a future craft hour here on the farm. Thank you for a lovely Country Kids post and great ideas.


  4. I love this post. MY girls are really into their fairies and fairy houses, so sweet x


  5. Ahh, so lovely! I bet the fairies loved it :) x


  6. I can see fairies clapping their hands of happiness cuz of how amazing this house is =) #countrykids


  7. TheBoyandMe says:

    That is so magical! I love that they built stairs and room signs; I bet the fairies loved them!

    Nipping over from #OutdoorPlayParty


  8. Mommy Crusader says:

    What a fantastic and magical day together. We’re short on trees here, but I think will figure out how to make a few fairy homes. Thanks for the ideas and the magic.


  9. This is so lovely. I love love love fairies. Hopefully Little Man will too. Thanks for linking up :-)


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