Great British Party Ideas

toddler in union jack hatOn Saturday we are hosting a Farewell Party before we head off to pastures new and the theme is everything that is British.  This could be a grand affair and the kids see it as the event of the year. However, I am pushed for time and organising it on my own, so could use a little help.

Everyone will be turning up dressed in red,white and blue and my 8 year old has been practising face painting Union Jacks all week.  Beyond photocopying Union Jacks for the kids to colour I haven’t yet got any activities planned. The party is for children of all ages and adults.

I’m sure lots of you have been attending Jubilee parties this weekend and have loads of ideas.  The only criteria is that they are low cost and easy to prepare. I’d  love it if you would share activity ideas, simple recipes (or even better ready prepared British food) and cocktail recipes (I’m using up all my alcohol as we can’t take it with us).  In return each comment will be entered into a prize draw to win a bundle of beach goodies, consisting of a snorkel, goggles, arm bands, crab line, sun hat, beach ball and frisbee.

Terms and Conditions

Open to UK residents only

Entries will close at midnight on Friday 8th June

Multiple Entries will be accepted

The winner will be drawn at random and notified by email. The Winners name will be published on this page.


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14 Responses to Great British Party Ideas

  1. themummyadventure says:

    We made jubilee bunting with cardboard and wrapping paper that was lying around the house and it looked fab! Here is a link to my jubilee post, you can see a pic of how it turned out

    Maybe some rich tea biscuits with homemade icing on, and red, blue and white sweets to decorate them with as an activity for children?


  2. Cheryl says:

    Another idea if you want ready made things :

    Brit-themed cookies from Millies cookies :)


  3. bread, looks complex but could be achieved with bought bread mix, and freezes well,


  4. Vicki says:

    Obstacle courses/ dressing up races in the garden? They could put on flip flops, a knotted hanky etc and run round garden chairs.
    I expect you’ve thought of jelly and ice cream.
    Our favourite cocktail: equal parts of malibu, pineapple juice and 7up (doesn’t work so well with sprite)
    If you’ll have space to take it, it might be nice for the girls if all their friends drew a face or put hand prints on a big piece of wallpaper or similar as a memento.


  5. Sammie Hodges says:

    We had a jubilee party at the weekend and had a fab time playing games! My sons fave was pin the crown on the queen, I even got him to draw the pic of the queen! Check out my blog post/s for inspiration! hope it goes well for you!


  6. I printed a picture of the Queen and the children found things from around the house and garden to decorate her with. She had string for her hair, a sand and grass dress, nuts as jewels and so on. It was great fun and looked fab once finished.


  7. julieanne says:

    ‘catch a corgi’. Pictures of the Queens corgis hidden around the garden for the children to find, each one is attached to a bag of sweeties. Keeps them entertained for ages. I also used a large chopping board and created a union jack flag made out of fruit which looked fab. So easy to do as well! X


  8. Wicked competition
    How about using newspaper as chip wrapping/cones very British, cheap and looks awesome.


  9. Another great idea is to get the kids to decorate plain biscuits with red, blue and white icing pens. The little silver balls would make an awesome finish touch.
    Forgot to leave twitter contact on last comment @clairelouise82


  10. Thanks Everyone for your ideas we’ve really enjoyed reading them, some were used and others we have saved for another time. Congratulations to Elaine on winning the beach goods prize.


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