The Land of Sometimes – Review and Competition

The first thing that struck me when this cd arrived was the beautiful packaging.   The Land of Sometimes moves away from  standard cd casing, instead presenting it as a book  with captivating illustrations. Each song has an illustrated page in the storybook encouraging the children to follow the story. I had high hopes that the songs would also reflect the magical quality of the artwork.

The Land of Sometimes is an audio storybook and the characters are brought to life by original music. The story follows Alfie and Elise in their journey through the seasons.  They meet a number of colourful characters, and each one is brought to life with a song. The narration is simple and clear and the quality of singing and musical production superb.  I’d love to sing on the follow up if there is one. My 3 year old is a big musical theatre fan and she loved the songs dancing around her bedroom and attempting to sing along.

I generally find children’s song cd’s a bit irritating.  I have been playing The Land of Sometimes in the background while I write this post and it is surprisingly relaxing. The songs are well written and very catchy and move away from the simplicity of some children’s songs by introducing them to a number of musical genre including reggae, folk and jazz.

Put this one in your car and I’m sure you will be singing along in no time.

The Land of Sometimes website is also worth a visit. Children can find out more about the characters and places in the story, colour in some of the beautiful illustrations and download lyrics for the songs.

A beautiful gift for any child with a fondness for stories or music and something that can be treasured for a long time.

The Land of Sometimes is released on February 6th at a retail price of  £9.90 from Amazon.

One lucky reader can win a copy of The Land of Sometimes.

Simply post a comment telling me why you would like to win.

A Bonus entry is available if you follow my Facebook page using the link on the right hand side.

Winners will be drawn at random on 6th February.

Congratulations to the winner Sue Willshee

Terms and Conditions

This competition is only open to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland

Only one entry per person

Winners will be notified by email and  will be posted on this site.

Loquax Competitions

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34 Responses to The Land of Sometimes – Review and Competition

  1. carole says:

    because my niece would love this


  2. Kirsty Fox says:

    I would love to win this for my son,
    it sounds exciting and lots of fun,
    the books and cd’s he has have all been listened to and read,
    so please let us have this one instead!


  3. Anne (for Katie) says:

    My little friend Katie (age 5) would love this. She said ’cause Little Twink is like a fun game . I would love listening it in bed cause I love Little Twink – her my favourite fairy I like the little girl. I like the Liver Flouch cause he’s funny. D’you know the Guide – he sings a nice song “


  4. Liz Maggs says:

    I would love to have this book to share with all the little special children who visit my house every week. The picture looks very exciting and makes me feel like it would be a real adventure and create lots of imaginative play for the little ones. New and exciting books and CD,s are always fun to have..


  5. claire woods says:

    I’d like to win as this would be good to share with my son.


  6. claire woods says:

    Follow your FB page.


  7. Gillian Holmes says:

    My daughter would absolutely love this !


  8. Gillian Holmes says:

    I like your Facebook page as Annabel Lee


  9. Maya Russell says:

    I’d love to win as it sounds like a good listen and I’d love to get my girls to listen more!


  10. Cause I have so many nieces and nephews and this would keep them entertained for ages @ MelJanie on twitter


  11. Following your FB page x


  12. james darrington says:

    I pretty much live in the land of sometimes and would love to win this for my friend’s two children. Am also following you on facebook.


  13. Simon says:

    I’d love to win this as a gift for a friend who has twins.


  14. I would love to win this for my three year old as from your review it sounds like it could encase him in a completely magical little world. Thank you so much for running!


  15. Just followed your Facebook page too.



  16. Saran Benjamin says:

    I would love to see the smile on my nephew’s face if I won this and gave it to him. :0)


  17. Cath says:

    I would like to win this as my friend is going to a family wedding in Australia with her husband and 3 young girls and this would be great to take with them to play in the car when they are travelling and to put on the laptop so it can keep them entertained on the plane.

    I’ve liked you on facebook too.


  18. emma kinsey says:

    great for my 2 little girls


  19. Emma Howard says:

    I’d love to win this for my son


  20. Hannah Jayne Jeffery says:

    I would love this to play for my son Ted in his bedtime routine. This would be a real treat for him because he loves books. Especially noisy ones! His favourite at the minute is Dear Zoo, he giggles so much at the cheeky monkey because it’s just like him! Have liked you on facebook :)


  21. Laura Pritchard says:

    What an imaginative idea! I’d love to win it for my son.


  22. Karen says:

    My daughter would love this. She listens to a CD every night when she goes to bed, so this would be great for her.


  23. janice taylor says:

    This would be great for my grand daughters.


  24. sue willshee says:

    I’d love to win because both Piper and Daisy love to sing along to their CD’s – but there are only so many times I can listen to Iggle Piggle and Dora without wanting to scream! I need something different and this sonds fantastic!


  25. Id like to win as my kids love story cds already it helps broaden their choices in reading and encourages the imagination far more than the TV!


  26. Colin Gault says:

    because my 6 nieces and nephews would luv this


  27. angie pickering says:

    I have three grandchildren uner 4 and they would all love this – would also make me a popular granny x 3 !


  28. Hannah Whitling says:

    Would love to win this to have for when my friends bring their children round so i have another great book to read with them and have some quiet time with them.


  29. Becky Downey says:

    It looks TOTS of fun!


  30. I would love to win this audio book for my son who is seven and he and I have been separated from each other since 2009 by the “French law”. This would really make him happy to win this prize!!


  31. Russ Bray says:

    An Awesome Musical CD…I loved voicing the River Slouch Sling..what a character he is…only one of many wonderful voices put into a beautiful musical story,,,WOW


  32. suan says:

    Lovley to keep the children entertained travelling on holiday


  33. This competition has now closed but if you head over to my other site there is a competition to win another copy, closing date 29th Feb 2012.


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